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Michael Stretch

Dear Sr Modgala,
The Amida Network was recently brought to my attention via the Network of Engaged Buddhists. Members of this Network were present at the Climate Change Camp Heathrow which I was engaged.

Last year I took part in two Ecovillage Trainings in Findhorn, Scotland. This year I succesfully did a 2nd year degree module in Permaculture. Have sustained passion in the 'green' movement which is so vital in this fossil fuel era that humankind has developed.

Became acquinted with the Buddhist practice during the course of a 7 month period. Have taken refuge initiation and the 5 lay voys. Been to Hamberg to attend HH Dlai Lama's 5 days teachings. Feel truely liberated to continue the path to enlightenment.

Your environmental training programmes are very impressive. Would appreciate further details a about them as planning to volunteer in Nelanda Monastery, France in the next few months. Prehaps I could co-ordinate the Amida volunteer training into the visit to France?

Would appreciate details about the training.

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