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I shall be ever interested to hear about your work in Zambia, and to correspond if it helps. If I can do anything practical to help I will do my best. Our son (Will, his Zambian name is Mwape) was at Tithandizane briefly last year, hoping to meet up with the late Linda. He only stayed a short while, finding it very hard to share sleeping accommodation with live rats. Apparantly, Linda had a very extreme take on ahimsa. However, he loved Tithandizane and developed very warm feelings for his temporary host's family (John Zulu and his wife and childen). He felt very guilty about his decision to leave, and hopes to return to Chipata quite soon, perhaps to establish a small business. He made friends with a young woman police officer, and her family, while there.

I've not visited Chipata, although I lived and worked in Zambia for several years since 1970, and my wife Berlina Loti is an ethnic Zambian (from Luapula Province). During our work there I travelled very widely to rural areas. Our last extended stay in Zambia was in 1993/4, when we established a clinic there.

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