April 04, 2005


Paul Norman from Lotus Lake Buddhist Centre in Tallahassee, Florida is coming to the Conference and will lead a workshop on Ahimsa: The Healing Power of Non-violence. We are also hoping his wife will come and give us an offering related to her work with prisoners on death row.

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March 31, 2005

Prevalence of the Feminine

Announcement: A Conference workshop to be led collectively by Sr. Susthama Kim, John Nugent, Yaakov Matri and Lynn Grounds on "The Prevalence of the Feminine"
All of us have feminine and masculine qualities but to what extent does the feminine one prevail in today's society? For some, this aspect may be hidden or locked up and needs to be freed in order to bring balance and peace to the world around us.

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March 30, 2005

Masking Freedom

Mary Archibald will present a workshop at the Conference using masks. What mask are you wearing today?

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March 27, 2005

Yaakov Matri

Announcement: Yaakov Matri, psychoanalyst, Pureland Buddhist, and author of a major book in Hebrew about the work of D.W.Winnicott, will participate in the 4th Living Buddhism Conference.

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March 23, 2005

First Speakers Listed

This new weblog has been created so that you can keep track of the next Living Buddhism Conference as it develops. We are very excited about this event. There are 25 speakers on the list already and we have not advertised yet!

Buddhist authors Jim Pym (You Don't Have to Sit on the Floor), David Brazier (Zen Therapy, The Feeling Buddha, The New Buddhism), Caroline Brazier (Buddhist Psychology/Buddhism on the Couch) will be with us.

Warwick Fox has recently completed his big book, Ethics and the Built Environment and Isis Brook is an enthusiast for the Life Sciences Trust. They will both contribute on philosophy and environmentalism. Colin McDougall will talk about the Irene Brazier Garden Project.

Joan Court's campaigning work for animals is well known and Ken Jones is author of The New Social Face of Buddhism and many other writings on socially engaged Dharma. Other well known engaged Buddhists presenting include Akuppa, one of the founder of Buddhists for Peace in the North East, and Maitrisara of the Network of Engaged Buddhists and Keith Motherson. Modgala Duguid and Joy Marston will talk on their work in India.

The conference will have a strong inter-faith presence with Sandra Herbert and Elizabeth Harris,national Secretary for Inter-faith Relations to the Methodist Church and author of several books including A Journey into Buddhism.

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