The Brazier family coat of arms shield has three rings argent on a red shield divided by a gold band. Above is a dove of peace. The three books represent prose, poetry and scripture and below the Greek motto says "Labours of love bring peace", the whole design is flanked by the goddesses of peace, Eirene, and love, Aphrodite, the former carrying the infant of prosperity, Ploutos. The dove links the two goddesses as the dove is the symbol of peace (Eirene) and also the bird most closely associated with Aphrodite and the cooing of lovers.

Mt Koya Japan 2012

  • DSC05441
    Pilrimage to Mt Koya, holy mountain of Shingon, the esoteric tradition of Japanese Buddhism, one of the three most holy mountains of Japan, along with Togakushi (Shinto) and Hiei (Tendai)

Bilbao by evening light

  • An evening of Zen DSC04397
    Given its industrial past, Bilbao is a strikingly handsome city. Its renaissance puts me somewhat in mind of what has become of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, another northern industrial city with new arts centred development. In fact the parallels are quite strong. The Basque people, like the Geordies, have a distinctive local culture. The weather here is constantly changing and many of these pictures were taken in low light.

Gaxtelugatxe 29th May 2012

  • Tilted rock strata give the shore distinction DSC04374
    This is a spectacular bay with a spiritual atmosphere. It has probably been a sacred spot since pre-Christian times. At the western end of the bay is a peninsula with a causeway ascent to a small church dedicated to John the Baptist. In the middle of the bay is an island. The shores are rocky pavements with strata at oblique angles. There are over 200 steps down and up. Good exercise. Good for the body and the soul.
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Jeff Harrison

Very useful and interesting - keep it coming! Good luck with the rest of the trip.

David Brazier

Thanks Jeff - good to know you are "here". Yes, it's a lively course. Enjoying it. See you when I get back.

Marjolaine Hohberger

Thank you again and again David!

 Jeong Hee-yong

Thank you very much for your kindful record about thIS course! It's very helful for me to remind our daily experience and learning!

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