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29 March 2005


Michael Douglas

In order to be a self, one must alienate oneself from the rest of the universe.

Just like to pick up on this brilliant line, this is true, through our ignorance we become separated and detached , lost without knowing a way back, lost without knowing why we feel this way, alienated from the wholeness the unbounded all encompassing universe that is within each of us but is so close we just don’t see it, hidden right in front of our eyes. Perhaps we must start looking with our hearts and maybe then this feeling of separateness will dissolve. From this a clarity of unbounded compassion will arise and light the way to the pure land.

I have found a most precious treasure this dharma house in Narboruogh, has been there for about three years right on my door step. When the student is ready, well you know the rest.
Mike (the bloke that lives down the road)

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