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06 April 2005



Thank you for your response to my post. I appreciate this dialogue--what a wonderful way to bridge the "conceptual" gulf. When I talk about faith and about "just doing it," although there's some functioning "me" here that in one sense has to originate the action, that "me" is just a name attached to a form. One of my teachers, Dae Bong Zen Master, said one time that we are never out of relationship to the universe. Our interdependence extends from the most obvious level to the most subtle. So what is the "I" that has faith? What is the "I" that acts, thinks, decides, or speaks up? *This*, as you probably know from your own Zen training, is at the heart of things. What am I? Faith is about a relationship. Great Faith and the willingness to try is based on a conceit about the I; so is your "small faith" and the relationship to Amida. Both faiths still ask us to understand that relationship, understang that "I" that says or does anything. So our faiths--not same, not different. What are we? This is the great question, and one that gives "faith" it's particular valence. ...I hope we keep up the dialogue!

Yours in the Dharma,


From Thuy Fujimoto:
I have been meditating a lot on the concept/relationship between Ocean (the Unborn) and wave (human existence in this lifetime). I seem to be most at peace when I acknowledge/accept my limited conditions as a wave and at the same time remember that I am also part of the Ocean. So Faith for me is to feel being part of the Ocean and then relax into being a fragile and limited wave. Compassion/Love comes from deeply realizing that we are all in the same boat.


Post from Thuy Fujimoto:
My question is: are you saying the same thing or not, with your comments on
Andy's writing on Big Faith and my image of being both part of the Ocean and
an individual wave? It seems that you wanted to emphasize that each of us is
NOT the Unborn and the Unborn is something we can only aspire to but will
never reach. My image says that we are both part of the Unborn and yet often
forget this and get stuck in protecting our fixed identity. As a result, our
fears and self protective orientations often prevent us from being loving
and compassionate. Are we saying the same thing, or not? Thank you, and my
love to everyone at the Buddhist House. Thuy


I do not really see the Unborn or anything of that kind as something to aspire to or attain -I see it as something to relate to. Spirituality, from my perspective, is about relationship, not about identity or attainment. Andi's "great faith" is about believing you can attain. My "little faith" is about being willing to receive - to be held by the grace that enfolds us.


ruining health is what I see with our people. Middle way is the thing. I just had a little tough time dealing with my mums alzheimer and how she plays little games that are self-destructive (mind) then faith returned I am in a position to help out because I have overcome many of those manipulative ego- ish things, yet I am still a pain in the neck. Middle way something between all of you and none of me. I go for my intuition never fails. And the holy beings are on our side. Since there are no sides. The best things I did in dharma are the things I did not choose to do, the tea service (physiotherapy humility), being a boss (in command which I hate). Good. very good. Thank you Dharmavidya for conceptualizing yes. Processes. And thank you for the wonderful training. Namo Amida Bu...

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