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01 April 2005


Dukkha Earl

Hello - I just caught the trackback. Thank you for the interest, and moreover the feedback.

I believe you hit on a point that has wordlessly been mulling in my head for some time. At some level, there is the intuitive understanding that "the perfecting of an ability does not in itself ensure that that ability is then rightly used," as you say. At the same time there is enough faith (for lack of any other convenient word) that the ability in question will never develop without wisdom and compassion enough to use it correctly; indeed I would think that they are the reward of the practise, as I cannot imagine that anyone who on clearly seeing their unskillful thoughts and knowing the consequences of negative action which follow would still pursue that action.

But then, that is only my belief, only my hope. I recognize that I have a long way to go, and am content with the little glimmers I get - - even if others misconstrue the practise as 'navel-gazing.'


Thanks. I think that your "faith" is quite a good rule of thumb. I do not want to knock it. At the same time, we are rarely fully in control of ourselves and when our demons get active they are likely to use whatever we have got. I guess the thing is that risk is not eliminable. In a way, I think that is what Genkaku is getting at - you have to piss even if you are not absolutely sure of your aim!

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