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18 January 2006



This one I like very much chore practice. Life in a community is profoundly healing, encouraging and transforming.
This world needs co- operation, skills to be one and many real chenrezig. All is illusion. Our practice is exchange self and others, so when you really do that, how is being self- ish possible?
We don't say we are foolish beings we are sick with the sickness of ego, selfishness, so when you have a diagnosis, then you have a cure ( dharma), then you apply the therapy. On and off yes I do feel now I am at this stage of practice, where I need to teach something, and that was just ego. The buddha was teaching in daily life. Which gives us a whole world of potential buddhas that we can get along with fine, including different faiths, including those who have not yet our kind of faith. Diversity. In the Kalachakra practice there is the mantra of Bishwamati, diversity, om bishwamati hum phet. These are difficult times, we have so much protection creating merits. Thank you for this inspiring site. Dharma greetings.

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