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05 June 2005


Mark Walter

I really like the idea behind this site. I believe it is important to come to the realization that our religions are pointing in the same direction. The "Letter from the Vatican on Buddhists and Christians in Solidarity" found a few posts down, is an excellent example. Thank you for offering this site. I have added a link to this site from my own blog.


In the East, for many people the most vibrant part of Buddhism is found i n the Jartaka stories of Buddha's previous lives. In the West, however, these tend to be ignored because there is a Western aversion to the idea (?myth) of rebirth.

bro. steve

A wonderful piece, Ray. A one-liner current among at least *some* Christians is: "We must take much [all?] of the Bible seriously, but not literally." A former colleague of mine invariably would add: "And you can't do both." Surely "The Brothers Karamazov" (to name one of my favorites) is profoundly true, even if it never happened. As one New Testament scholar (John Dominic Crossan) put it about one New Testament story (the "On the Road to Emmaus," Luke 24:13-35)-- and I'm paraphrasing although I'm putting it in quotes to show it's not from me: "The 'Road to Emmaus' story never happened. The 'Road to Emmaus' story happens every day." My own way of putting something similar is: Myth (storied ontology) picks up where math (discursive thought) leaves off. And finally -- in this overly long ramble :-( -- I have always been quite taken with an insight of a French scholar of Islam whose name of course escapes me now that I'd like to use it: but in any event, he distinguished between "imaginary" and "imaginal." Something "imaginary" is pure fantasy. Something "imaginal" is very very real; it is an encounter with the Ineffable which suggests its own metaphors, its own *images* so that we can express our encounter in vivid language to our ordinary selves (our surface consciousness, our everyday mind). The encounter is more Real than "reality" itself; but it calls to itself fantastic metaphors and images in order to convey its truth. So -- to bring this full circle -- we must take such language seriously, but not literally. Anyway, Ray, the *real* point here is: I greatly appreciated your post!

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