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It is difficult to understand what real authentic friendship is.It shoul be love without any biological tones to it.Unfortunatelly,it has become a rare phenomenon.It used to be a great thing in the past but a few great things in the past have completely disappeared.It is a very strange thing that ugly things are stubborn,they dont die easily and beautiful things are very fragile,they die and disappear easily.

Today friendship is understood either in biological terms or in econimic terms,or in sociological terms – in terms of acquaintance.But friendship means that we have made somebody else more important than ourself,somebody else has become more precious than ourself.It is not a business.It is love in its purity.

This kind of friendship is possible even for us as we are now.Even unconscious people can have such a friendship.But if we start becoming more conscious of our being,then friendship starts turning into friendliness. Frinedliness has a wider connotation,a far bigger sky.Friendship is a small thing compared to friendliness. Friendship can be broken,the friend can turn into an enemy.Machiavelli said that we should never tell anything to our friend which we would not be able to say to our enemy,because the person who is a friend today may turn into an enemy tomorrow.And he said we should never say anything against the enemy because the enemy can turn into a friend tomorrow.

Friendliness becomes possible only when we are real,authentic,absolutely aware of our being.And out of this awarness our friendliness can never change into its opposite.As we are now,friendliness is a faraway star,we can have a certain intellectual understanding,but it will remain only an intellectual understanding,not an existential taste. Unless we have an existential taste of friendliness,it will be difficult,almost impossible to know the distinction between friendship and friendliness.Friednship is addressed to someone,somebody is our friend. Friendliness is ufocused,unaddressed love.It is not any contract,spoken or unspoken.It is not from one individual to another individual,it is from one individual to the whole existence.Everything is included in friendliness. Whomever comes close to such a person, that real authentic person feels friendliness.That doesnt mean that whomever comes close to him is his friend.As far as he is concerned,he will not be an enemy to anyone,beacuse he is no more a friend to anyone.But his height,his consciousness,his blissfulness,his silence,his peace will annoy many,will irritate many,will make many,without understanding him, his enemies.

In fact,such an authentic person has more enemies than the ordinary person.An ordinary person may have a few enemies,a few friends.But an authentic person have almost the whole world antagonistic towards him,beacuse the blind people cannot forgive the man who has eyes and the ignorant cannot forgive one who knows.They cannot feel love towards a man who has attained to his fulfillment,beacuse their egos are hurt.An authentic person is so child-like, so innocent and to be innocent seems to be a greater crime than any other.Such a person will provoke many egos,will hurt those who think they are very important and powerful.The "presidents of boards" and "important comunity members" will become immediately worried,concerned.A man who has no power has suddenly become the focus of attention of the people who have power and prestige.Such a man cannot be forgiven.To be innocent,to be friendly,to be loving for no reason at all,just to be authentic is enough to trigger many egos against him.

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