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sigrid yoakum

Dear Dharmavidya:

I enjoyed reading your pastoral letter. Your human goodness seeps through every line and it makes me smile.

Do you believe that a human being can be aware of the needs of the world and commit to service without being in a religion? Is not all mankind our sangha?

Namo Amida Bu. sigrid

David Brazier

What's wrong with being in a religion and having friends on the path? All mankind - all sentient beings, indeed - are our sangha whether we are in a religion or not. Of course, one can go it alone - be a "pratyekabuddha" but its a long lonely road - why do that? There is no special virtue in being a loner and it reduces the extent to which one can help others. The better world cannot be made by individuals acting alone. The individual needs a place within a sangha where love can blossom.

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