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Dear Dharmavidya,

I cannot assume that I understand all that you speak of in this letter. I can though, speak of my personal experience.

I recently particpated in an 8 week program of cognitive therapy for depression. It was helpful but there was this itch I had. What about..."spirit"? shall we say. One of the next componants of this program is Mindfulness for Depression. It is now given publicly as an 8 week program for a few hundred dollars, like one for stress reduction is given. Never once will "spirit" be mentioned. So I do see it happening in our culture and in the medical field. They seem to be "stealing" one aspect but denying that perhaps the whole thing was the point - that people need to know themselves as a part of a bigger whole and that we do not have to depend souly on ourselves for our "salvation". We have become very afraid of religion and especially devotion in the West. Meditation is now an RX. But I feel that by denying that longing in myself for the "other" I will miss the point.

Thank you for listening,

Namo Amida Bu

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