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16 April 2005


Derek Scefonas

In your experience of the Christian/Buddhist dialogues is there any mention of the femine ascpect of the divine?

Derek Scefonas

and by ascpect I mean aspect. And by femine I mean feminine. LOL. I am blaming my last post on the Kitty.

Danny Fisher

Good call. I don't like the assignment of a gender to Ultimate Reality, but I thought I would leave the quotations unmanipulated.

Derek Scefonas

It is always good to leave quootations unmanipulated. :^) I don't mind an assigment of gender to Ultimate Reality it's just that half of the Ultimate Reality appears to be missing from the discussion. I should ask Jill to comment on this. More later

Derek Scefonas

Jeez, I am so sorry about the crazy spelling. I am usually typing with one hand. Because of Wilson. I think I shall start composing in word and cut/paste so I stop being such a dork.


Regarding Thomas Keatings' points,
- Tillich referred to God as ultimate concern rather than ultimate reality and this makes some sense to me.
- It makes more sense to me to say that God is other than everything that is and especially God is other than self.
- That everyone is chosen is a nice idea but some seem to have been chosen to suffer terribly
- OK
- If you put this point together with the previous one, it means you cannot have a big enough idea of yourself which seems thoroughly narcissistic.

There seems to be a trend toward trying to generate a pan-religious orthodoxy that is based on the idea that all things, especially us, are incarnations of God. This seems to me, however, to be a very dubious, if not dangerous, idea.



It is good to see you will be posting on interlog. I enjoy your blog very much, so I am sure I will enjoy your contributions to the discussion on interfaith topics here. I am very happy and appreciative that Dharmavidya put this thing together. ~Amadeus


I'd like to just say thank you to everybody who has contributed to Interlog so far. It has been an excellent experience.

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