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09 April 2005



Great post Paul. I have to say, we must have the Christian Conservatives on our minds today. I thought it was interesting when I came to post and saw your entry.

I have to agree with your last paragraph on the Presidents stance regarding the "culture of life". As a politically minded Buddhist, it is something I wrestle with daily in my mind. ~Amadeus


Thanks for these comments - yes, there are indeed ironies and inconsistencies in the pro-life position.

This situation interests me not just because of my recent visit to Florida (thanks Paul) but also because the whole area of end of life and medical ethics has been one in which I have taken an interest at various points over the years.

What strikes me above all is the complexity of the issues involved in taking decisions in such situations. Often I am simply left feeling there are no right answers and any attempt to find resolution has so many counter arguments that one can go on discussing it for ever. This has a double edge in that there is also generally a requirement to take a decisive decision, and not to act is just as much a decision as acting. On the one hand one has to stand on a pin head of not knowing and on the other to leap into the abyss of a decision. Acting without certainty takes courage and more often we retreat into position taking in an attempt to ease our indecisiveness.

I do think Pureland offers a place for such uncertainty - the foolish being does not know, yet acts in faith.


A wonderful post Paul.
Not to mention the atrocities that are going on in Congo, Africa. I have a article on that on my political, Genius of Insanity blog @

I think that you did a great job in this post balancing life issues with honoring marriage vows and wishes.

Well done.

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