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11 May 2005



Welcome!! I love forward to your posts.


Thanks Steve
What you have written about mystical experience and that which cannot be spoken certainly speaks to me. As a Buddhist, it helps me appreciate how much we share in common


Welcome to Interlog, Steve. Thank you for this intro. Speaking about spiritual rapture in a comprehensible way is not easy. The Pureland tradition of Buddhism in ancient China had major elements of vision quest in it. As a child I also had experiences of this kind quite spontaneously. As a result, I became a pious child, much to my agnostic parent's astonishment. I longed to have more experiences of the kind, but as I got older they ceased. Then when I met my Zen Master for the first time I had another important experience while walking in a church. Eventually, much intense meditation led to a further sequence. All this eventually led me to Pureland, which is my spiritual home now. The mystical traditions of all religions must all be tapping into the same seam. Thank you.


Thanks to James, Mike and Dharmavidya for your comments :-) I am almost hesitant to create another post, because what you 3 have shared just makes me want to be quiet, read and "listen" ... and learn all I can about the Pure Land path. My mental image -- metaphor, if you will -- for the mystic paths is that of several large old houses sharing one tract of land: a Buddhist house, a Muslim house, a Christian house, and so forth. In the upper regions -- the upper floors -- they are all noticeably different, although by virtue of being a house they share far more in common than one might suppose if one looks merely at the furnishings and decor. However: each house also has a slowly, carefully descending stairway into the basement regions ... the dark ... and down there in the dark, beneath any and all regions where one can "see" ... each house connects with the other. To me, the mystic path is that stairway and those "lower" (deeper, far more foundational than even the foundation itself) regions. I want to know more about the Pure Land house, and what lies "beneath." :-)

celestial elf

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