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17 May 2005




Well, I will simply have to see the film -- if I can find it. I am a huge fan of Ikiru, which is indeed a classic, and perhaps a more-approachable film. [I mean, who could resist a movie about stomach cancer that begins by telling viewers in terms as absolute as it can THE PROTAGONIST IN THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO DIE!?]

I wonder how many people have seen "Lower Depths?" I have never heard of it, while, indeed the four other Kirosawa films you mention are well known.

Danny Fisher

"The Lower Depths" is a truly great little film. One of Kurosawa's underappreciated gems.

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I'm so agree with you, Akiro Kurosawa done some awesome films and Lower Depths is one of them. This director is very talented and as foreign master he succeeded world widely.

Get Your Ex Back

You really convinced me to watch it. I'm not a huge fan of old movies (especially not that old like mid-1950s) but after reading your review you startled my interest.


Akiro indeed did a really really great job I also loved the movie.


thanks for your opinion, and don't worry about the title..

Miky Joel

4 years later and still a superb movie...


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