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17 February 2006



"Oh, You, my Beloved Infinite,
my Measureless, Ineffable Void,
You arise from the void and
manifest Yourself as specific.

Oh, You, my Beloved Amida,
is this how come things exist?

Oh, You, my Beloved Amida,
are You the ground of all experience?

Look, look deeply.

Oh, my beloved finite,
the consciousness arise from ME.
Dont think that life "started".
I always AM.
But consciousness must evolve, so it goes from one form to another.
Thus, emptiness is form and form is emptiness.
From the Void, to Me...from Me
the consciousness arise, from
consciousness - life.

Yes, my beloved finite,
I am the ground of your being.

Out of need to know Myself
I change and change
to find my esence.

Oh, my beloved finite,
how I rejoice to find -
I am LOVE!

And yes, it is an infinite regress,
without begining, for -
how can I stop loving!

And to love - I need the Other.

Look, look deeply.

Nirvana is not an end of regression. To attain it the Other must see ME. When the Other sees ME
and rejoice in our love, the Other knows it is out of separation.

Look, look deeply.

If the separation is the way to Nirvana, the Other wants to separate again and again.

Look, look deeply.

There is no begining.

Oh, You, my Beloved Infinite,
if my return to the lowest forms of consciousness is the way to rejoice in meeting you again...
farewell my Darling Face,
my Sun, my Moon and my "Mani" Treasure.
Farewell. "


This poem is simply stunning.


“ Oh, You, my Beloved Infinite,
if my return to the lowest forms of consciousness
is the way to rejoice in meeting you again...
farewell my Darling Face,
my Sweetest Mirror,
my Sun, my Moon and my "Mani" Treasure.

Look, look deeply.

Before Your Lotus Face,
my Beloved Finite,
before Your Endless Love
and Devotion,
before Your readiness to die
and part with me…
how can I ever again want to know myself!

Oh, You, my Beloved Finite,
I wrote once: dream,
but don’t make dreams your master.
Let me give up my dream,
my need to know myself.
You make me so ashamed.
Show me, my Beloved Finite,
how to overcome my need,
my selfishness.

Show me how love needs
no consciousness.

How love have no needs at all.

How to go beyond emptiness
and form.

Before Your lotus face,
my Beloved Finite,
my dream of creation
dissolves in shame.
There is no life…
No need to find my essence.

You are my essence.
You are the ground of my being.

No void. No me. No consciousness. No life. No regression.
No beginning. No end.
No Buddha. No Other.
No love.
No joy. No sorrow.
No separation. No Amida.

Oh, You, my Beloved Finite,
If my return to the void is the way to remove your suffering,
let me never arise from it.
Let Nirvana be the end.

I gaze…
I gaze into Your eyes.
I gaze…

Farewell my Darling Face,
my Sweetest Mirror,
like black ink by comparison
are my sun, my moon, my “Mani” treasure,
Beloved Finite, such is Yours Incomparable Face.
Farewell. “

Steven Mills

I believe that the clever can look as deeply as their individual awareness will allow
The details can become macroscopic
Then the details of the detailed become the hunt
This could be obsession,
This could be hitting a wall, backing up to look, and then hitting its bricks
Why not start with a question that can only be answered by trial
When answered with cowardice, the answer's face is denial
Start with the most powerful of the what-ifs that you can imagine
What if we only loved
What if we turn the other cheek
What if I lose it all only to learn that it is all in me
What If We Are One
You can seek for a short amount of time
And you will come face to face with these concepts
You will give voice to the sense that they make
And deny the truth inwardly
To try or deny
Blatant denial by fear of trial
I recognize that these are the truths I have sought
But to live them will take too much sacrifice
So I will ask for them again

What is the truth?
"You are the truth"
I see. That will be hard to accomplish
So then, what is the deeper truth?

It is the ego who desires a deeper truth.
Truth means removal of the I from love's throne
The I tricks
The I sees that you want to shine through
So then we are convinced to look deeper
Deeper into the outer
Where truth cannot be defined


There is no individual awareness.
Every awareness is Amida's.
He is the One that Allows Awareness.
Answer answered with cowardice
is not a denial
it is a wisdom
of a fragile human being
that knows his Lord
and His instructions,
changable in the last second.
Answer answered with cowardice
is not a denial
but love for the Lord
and love allows the Loved One
to change His mind
in the last second.

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