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19 August 2006


For the only ecumenical Brahma Kumari resource, independent from the BKWSU, please see;

The BKWSU path is not as it seems and not the one even for Brahma Kumari followers.

Thank you.


The conference of nuns from all faiths is a positive, urgent step which can promote mutual respect towards all faiths.

It is a pity that we gave away the power of attorneys to various groups and allowed them to monopolise the sublime teachings by the brilliant Prophets came to this world. We thus washed off our hands from the duty of learning the wonderful teachings of all major religions.

For example, non Hindus including their leadership mistook that the glorious teachings of Vedas, Vedantas and teachings of various incarnations like Krishna and Ramakrishna were meant only for Hindus !

Similarly, majority of the Hindus at large did not pay attention to study the teachings of Mahavira, Buddha, Christ, Mohamed or Nanak.

India has a natural duty to the world that acceptance of all religion in practice is our life blood in our veins; it is our natural approach. It is acceptance and not a mere toleration.

Though religious acceptance of all religions is the core of Hindu teachings, the present day India does not project that noble heritage in many ways. Some minority in monasteries and ordinary Hindus in Villages might be accepting all faiths as their Vedas taught them. But the politically charged atmosphere and the media do not project such a good environment in India any more.

Similarly, non Hindus, especially Christians shall sincerely come forward to disown their missionary attempts to convert others to their folds and to increase the number of their followers. Even after conversion, if they can maintain a respectful attitudes towards Hindu way of life, it is OK. No Hindu will go and disturb them. But sad to say, the Catholic nuns and priests encourage their followers especially the new converts to humiliate the worship of Shivalingas and other sacred sumbols of Hinduism.

This joint effort by nuns shall continue all the time. It shall not be restricted only when some catholic nuns are attacked by some anti-social elements. If a catholic nun is attacked, all Indians shall go after the culprits. Also, if a Hindu monk is killed, al Indians shall go after the culprits. Let us not allow politics to enter into religions and religions to enter politics. Religion is a tool for very human being to connect himself to the Highr Divinity, God. Nothing more; nothing less.

If a Christian feels the presence of Divinity when he passes by a Hindu temple and if a Hindu feels divine presence when he sees a cross or when he hears the call for prayers by Muslims, then we can say, we are in the right direction.

Please think over it and all of us can find unfathomable treasures from the all-embracings teachings of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, which are the products of India. Even serious studies are conducted theologically to prove that Sermon on the Mount is validated by Vedantic ideals. So nothing is alien to us.

There is no scripture in any religion which is not sacred. There is no religious prophets in the world who persuades his followers to hate others and encourage them to fight with others.

Even "annihilate the kahpirs" call in the Koran is not the call for killing the non-muslims. It is a call to kill the "doubting Thoma attitude" in our own beings.

Let us live and encourage others for a benign living than merely trying to put on them some sectarian uniforms ready to fight each other in the name of religious sincerity.

In this scenario, the attempt by this group of nuns deserves all praise, support and congratulations from every thinking person living in India or loving India and God.

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If a Christian feels the presence of Divinity when he passes by a Hindu temple and if a Hindu feels divine presence when he sees a cross or when he hears the call for prayers by Muslims, then we can say, we are in the right direction.

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