> Bilbao by evening light

Given its industrial past, Bilbao is a strikingly handsome city. Its renaissance puts me somewhat in mind of what has become of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, another northern industrial city with new arts centred development. In fact the parallels are quite strong. The Basque people, like the Geordies, have a distinctive local culture. The weather here is constantly changing and many of these pictures were taken in low light.

The Guggenheim DSC04378
Just a pile of bubbles DSC04380
Portico of the Frank Ghery building DSC04381
Threatening sky over the river front DSC04383
Chatting by the water sculpture DSC04384
The spiders are quite big here DSC04386
Arachnopolis DSC04387
Sculpture in steel DSC04390
A city full of attractive buildings DSC04391
The river DSC04392
Bilbao from the 18th floor DSC04393
Bilbao Gran Via with symbol of masculinity in distance DSC04394
A city surrounded by hills DSC04395
A local plaza DSC04396
An evening of Zen DSC04397