> Gaxtelugatxe 29th May 2012

This is a spectacular bay with a spiritual atmosphere. It has probably been a sacred spot since pre-Christian times. At the western end of the bay is a peninsula with a causeway ascent to a small church dedicated to John the Baptist. In the middle of the bay is an island. The shores are rocky pavements with strata at oblique angles. There are over 200 steps down and up. Good exercise. Good for the body and the soul.

A way to go - On the way up DSC04345
End of day DSC04349
Footprint attributed to John the Baptist (!?) DSC04352
Here you can see one of the two bays and the lower part of the causeway DSC04363
Juan was here DSC04351
The causeway from the church DSC04348
The island viewed from the church DSC04355
The steps of the causeway take one to a good height DSC04364
The sun was getting low in the sky to the west DSC04353
Tilted rock strata give the shore distinction DSC04374